Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Only Place

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Jeans, Blouse - Topshop
Coat - H&M
Scarf - Penneys
Boots - New Look

I don't think you can see it too clearly but these jeans are my navy ones from Topshop. They're "Leigh Skinny" and they're the best jeans I've ever bought. Really stretchy and you get a good few wears out of them before they "knee". Plus they do them in ankle grazer length which means they're just above my ankle. Perfect length.
I'm really glad I got this jacket - it's serving me well in this horrible cold weather we've been having as it's warmer than a mac but not as warm as my winter coats.
Don't you love scarves! I don't wear this one too much but I think it works well with the camel coat. It's got greens in it too which you can't really see. 

Track of the Day: Best Coast - The Only Place

I'm really lucky in work because I get to listen to the radio and because I've been there the longest I get to pick which station we listen to. It was Lyric FM for a while until my colleagues kept changing it to more upbeat stations. So, we agreed on Phantom FM.  This track is being played daily and I love it. They remind me of bands I used to listen to years ago like BangsFrumpiesSubdebs and The Moves (must dig those records out...)

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