Monday, 7 May 2012


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Jeans - Awear
Cardigan - Topshop
Top - River Island

I feel quite colourful in this outfit. The weather is still all over the place and when the sun comes out it's really bright. So I end up putting clothes on and taking them off once I leave the house because I'm either too warm or too cold. These jeans are not my usual dark blue but I think they'll be nice and light for summer. They're quite tight but stretchy and they're a really nice fit. They remind me of jeans I had years ago...which I think I got my mom to take in as there were no such thing as skinny jeans back when I was a teenager. 
I took my dog Penny for a walk today (hence the trainers) and just managed to miss the rain.

Track of the Day: Santigold - GO!
I've just started listening to her new album and this track is my favourite. The rest of the tracks aren't as fast as this. It reminds me alot of Le Tigre. It'll make you wanna dance! Check out her awesome dancers
I've just noticed she's playing Dublin on 1st June - go see her. She puts on a brilliant live show.