Tuesday, 31 January 2012

trying to be serious

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jumper - A-Wear
skirt, boots - Penneys

These boots were a bargain in Penneys. They were only €18 but actually in the sale for €8. How Penney's can afford to have a sale I don't know. They're grey suede and just lovely.

A-Wear always have lovely jumpers and if you wait long enough you always manage to get one in the sale although sometimes sizes are a problem. They always have loads of stock but in huge sizes.

Sorry about the quality of this picture. I had to take it inside as it was raining and there's nowhere sheltered outside to take pictures.

Friday, 27 January 2012

snuggly snood

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 dress - A-Wear; cardigan - Penneys; boots -Office; snood -H & M

It's cold out there today! I knew the weather would change and a cold spell would arrive. Secretly I'm quite pleased as I get to wear all my chunky warm cardigans again.
This dress was much longer and my fabulous seamstress of a mother took it up for me so it looks less dowdy. Her retirement = my clothes being altered. When I get something altered it feels like I have a new item of clothing. All for free!

By the way, thanks to everyone who looks at the blog and comments! xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

more peach

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 blouse - Penneys; skirt - Promod; loafers -Topshop

Promod are a French clothing line. They have a shop in Blanchardstown/Liffey Valley (can't remember). I got this skirt online in the sale and I really like the colour and the length. I also got a gorgeous wine one.

I think wine is my favourite colour at the moment. There's not enough of it around in the shops though. Not alot of people's favourite maybe?

I'm wearing alot of skirts this winter. You can still look smart for work in skirts but still keep your look a bit quirky I think. Plus, I tend to wear long socks with trousers in winter to keep my legs warm and then my trousers stick to the socks and end up halfway up my leg!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


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 blouse, skirt - Penneys; cardigan - New Look; loafers -Topshop

I love my new shoes. They are very shiny but very practical and I got them in the sale in Topshop. It's almost too warm for wooly cardigans. In fact I didn't need a coat today.

I'm wearing alot of skirts this winter and I've realised I haven't had to wear boots with them because the weather has been so mild. No doubt snow is on its way so I won't speak too soon.

Friday, 20 January 2012


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shirt - Penneys; skirt - H & M; scarf - New Look

I really should've ironed the skirt!  This shirt is lovely but it's quite a thick cotton. I got it in Penneys for a fiver though! I saw a softer one in Zara last night but at €30 I couldn't justify buying it.

I'll say it again how sad it is to see all the spring clothes in the shops. I much prefer winter clothes. I think you can cover alot up in winter! Plus, it's getting cold again out there.

Saw "The Artist" last night - amazing. And the dresses - wow!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

No Parking

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 dress - Topshop; cardigan - Penneys

Thank you to my friend Elle for taking my pictures today. I now realise it's much better to get someone to take the pictures than using the timer on my camera. However, they are also very up close!

Again such a mild day with no need for a coat or the hat, gloves and scarf I had with me today.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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jumper, jeans - Topshop; scarf - Penneys

Penneys how could I live without you?  I've started walking through Penneys with blinkers on half afraid of how much I could end up buying there. I think scarves are my favourite accessory and they keep me warm. A scarf can make a simple outfit a bit more exciting (I hope).

I got this jumper in the sale in Topshop along with the white furry coat. I like the sleeves on it and the colour too.
I'm quite sad because alot of shops are starting to get in their Spring clothes which means no more lovely jumpers to buy.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


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coat - Zara; faux fur collar - H & M; blouse - Tophshop; skirt - Penneys

This faux fur collar is a separate scarf that you can add to any coat/jumper but I think it's a bit big. It makes me feel very Russian and in need of some snow. But I like the colour with the black coat. 

I love animal print and these shoes I've had for years. I bought them in Dunnes Stores.  They're not very useful for wearing outside in winter but perfect for inside. I think we should bring in a new culture where we have indoor and outdoor shoes.  A bit like "car to bar" I guess.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

white collar

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coat - Topshop; jeans - A Wear

 I bought this coat from Topshop in the sale down from €175 to €60.  I love the faux fur collar. I don't own a coat with a collar like this so I felt like I had a right to it. Topshop have some great stuff in the sale actually but my budget doesn't stretch very far in January unfortunately. What I also like about the coat is that it's a semi-swing coat so will work with a skirt/dress as well.

These jeans are lovely and soft.  They're from A Wear and cost around €30 I think. Another lovely day in Malahide Castle. Had a sneaky hot chocolate with whipped cream and also managed to exercise the dog (and himself). 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

white lie

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 blouse - Urban Outfitters; jeans, cardigan - New Look

I'm telling a bit of a lie today because this is an outfit I wore a few days ago so it's not really today's outfit. But, it's Saturday and it's going to be a lazy one I think so I may not get out of my pyjamas today.  And I don't fancy putting a picture up of me in my pj's.

That's what Saturdays are for me - lazy days. Sometimes for housework but definitely not for making much of an effort in the clothes department. 

 Didn't get to bed until early this morning as was up with two great (and stylish) friends watching Dirty Dancing. I'd forgotten how much I love Baby's style - cute denim shorts, white jeans just above the ankle and cute check shirts. Plus those gorgeous sparkly dancing shoes.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

thursday couldn't come quick enough

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dress - New Look; cardigan - Zara; scarf - Pull and Bear; belt - Penneys

This dress is one of the best things I've bought. I got it in the sales in New Look for €15. Add any colour cardigan and there you go. 

You can't see it under the cardigan but it has 3/4 length sleeves and I think the original price was only €24,99 so, not bad. I also bought a gorgeous dark green chunky cardigan which will go nicely with it and I might try it with my white lace collar.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

pink cats

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blouse - A Wear; jeans - New Look

 This blouse is lovely because it has cats on it and it's pink. It also works with jeans or a skirt. I like it alot. 

The jeans are from New Look and cost around €35. Keep their shape and got a really nice stretch to them. I had a black chunky cardigan on me today but it's been strangely mild lately so I was too warm in it. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

just jumper

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jumper - New Look; trousers - H & M

 I just felt like wearing trousers today and I've forgotten how comfortable trousers can be. Now I regret putting all my summer trousers in the attic! I was tempted to go up there last night and get them all out again.  These trousers are a bit like jeans/trousers - jousers, treans? Smart enough for work but also comfy. They're not quite skinny enough but they'll do. 
The jumper I got in New Look and you can't see it so well but it's like a "brunch" ice-cream. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012


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scarf, jumper, shoes - New Look; skirt - Penneys

We've been having such a mild winter so far.  This time last year I spent most of my time in leggings and thick socks and boots. It's like autumn today. Perfect for a skirt and tights. New Look have some great jumpers at the moment. I'm not sure about the colour of this one but it goes well with black and white I think!

Friday, 6 January 2012

grey day

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top - Zara; skirt - Mango; cardigan - Penneys, brogues - River Island; belt - A Wear

Another stripy top but this time not black and white. This top is going to work really well in summer too with a nice pair of jeans or black trousers. I bought the skirt quite a while ago and haven't worn it in a long time but now I think I'll start wearing it alot more as it's a nice length and not black!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

day for boots

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jumper - Internationale; boots - Office; coat - Asos, hat - Forever 21; snood - H & M

It's definitely a week for boots with all that rain and wind. But, what to wear with long boots? I don't have enough short dresses so this jumper/dress had to do today. I love the snood but it's quite bulky so doesn't work very well under coats as most of my coats have big collars for some reason. Must get a coat that doesn't have a big collar. Any suggestions where I might find one?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


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Jumper, Jeans - Tophsop
Blouse - Penneys

This is a cute blouse I saw in Penneys. I really like the colours and the collar.  I think it would look nice with a skirt too and a cardigan. The jeans are from Topshop and are Leigh ones which are nice and soft.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

january blues

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Jumper - Dunnes Stores
Jeans - Topshop (Leigh)

I wanted to be cosy today so this jumper is perfect. It's a nice colour that goes with anything and looks nice with skinny jeans I think. Dunnes also had it in a rusty colour but I think this colour is easier to wear with most other colours. The jeans are from Topshop and are really soft and don't lose their shape.

Monday, 2 January 2012

red in the park

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jumper - Forever 21; shorts - Pull & Bear; coat - A-Wear; ear warmers - gift (Penneys)

A gorgeous day in the park. Stopped for hot chocolate and saw a squirrel escape just in time from a retriever. The ear warmers do actually work. I find that hats keep my head warm but not my ears so this works - a perfect christmas gift.  The shoes from New Look again seem to work with anything - shorts, jeans, skirts and dresses. Wish I could wear shorts to work but sadly I don't think I can.