Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dogs Eyes

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Skirt - Topshop
Blazer - Swopshop night
Scarf - South Africa
Shoes - River Island

I hope you're all having a great seems to be going by very quickly and we're already halfway through May. 
The sun finally came out and stayed out and it's been glorious! I'm taking the plunge and going into the attic to take down my summer clothes tonight - I'm excited. I am tired of winter attire now and want to start wearing cotton trousers and shoes with no socks/tights. Are you guys in your summer outfits yet?
I got this skirt years ago in Topshop. I love the length and the colour. You probably know by now I'm not much of a bright colour fan!

My bf's mom very kindly brought this cute bag home for me from her trip to Miami. I can't wait to use it. It's very cute. 

Track of the Day: Wye Oak - Dogs Eyes
One of my dream jobs (there are many) would be to be the person who picks the soundtracks to movies. I could imagine this Wye Oak track would be the closing song to a movie about a relationship between two people in love but knowing their relationship isn't right.  This song would start just as the couple say goodbye after breaking up...but knowing it was the right decision and a brand new beginning for them. Or something like that...
The more I listen to Wye Oak the more I like them. Her voice on this track reminds me alot of Beth Orton. Some of the other tracks are quite dark. It's a record I don't get tired of listening to as each song is very different.

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