Friday, 4 May 2012

New Birds

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Jeans, Boots - New Look
Cardigan - Ebay
Top - H&M

The weather finally broke and I got outside to take some pictures. This was my outfit from a few days ago. I feel bad that I'm still in winter clothes but it's been so cold. My outfit is quite dark I think - perhaps it was my mood because I was listening to Arab Strap as well who can be quite dark (but witty). 
I really like this top.  It's polka dots and it's also a nice cotton so really comfortable. I can wear it with skirts too and shorts both in summer and winter.
The cardigan is lovely and warm and I love the colour. I'm living in these ankle boots at the moment.  They're comfortable and water proof (which helps with this wet weather we've been having).  

Track of the Day: Arab Strap - New Birds
I heard this band many many years ago on a mix CD I got free with a music magazine. It was a David Holmes remix of one of their songs. I was hooked. Luckily I was working with lots of other music heads and one of them kindly gave me their CD. I've loved them ever since. 
This song is quite dark but listen to it and listen to the lyrics. Is it worth risking a kiss with someone new...

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