Friday, 8 June 2012


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I really love spending time looking at what other people wear. I love seeing how they've put an outfit together.
So, here's some looks I like. It's definitely not summer out there I know, but hopefully the sun will shine again soon and I may end up trying to put similar looks together. I like the way they look summery but still very stylish without alot of "summer" colours. I'm not a fan of lots of colour. I especially like the first girl's shoes - very chic with the ankle strap.
These are all pictures I got from other websites. But I don't have the links so if they're one of yours let me know and I'll credit you.

Track of the Day: Lower Dens - Brains
We're just back from a brilliant few days in Barcelona. What a great city. We'll definitely be going back as there was so much we didn't see. This is also where I first heard Lower Dens as we were at a music festival. They were brilliant.

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