Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bath, UK

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(The famous circular Royal Crescent building)

(Our digs for the weekend)

(Today I'm mainly wearing stripes)


(Some street style courtesy of Kate)

(Vintage record player in flea market)

(So much vintage stuff in England)

(More street style courtesy of Sarah)

(Me & some props from a movie that was being filmed)

(More stripes)

(Scarf from swopshop night)

I was in Bath a few weeks ago at a friend's hen. I'd never been to Bath before but it's really lovely. It reminds me of a Midsomer Murders town. I had a very relaxing time in our gorgeous apartment catching up with my very dear friends from school in South Africa. We spent Friday night sipping cocktails and having a delicious dinner. Saturday we took a walk around the city and then went to this natural spa where they had an open top heated pool with views of Bath. If only Dublin had one...highly recommend a visit to this one in Bath. Saturday night we sipped champagne and had a delicious Risotto, danced to some cheesy 80's/90's music (2Unlimited were in there somewhere) and watched Flight of the Conchords.

Bath reminded me a bit of Oxford where Radiohead hail from. So, that's why I picked this track.


  1. thanks so much Sabrina. Your photo's on the blog are amazing! So much sunshine compared to us...

  2. Love your pics! Bath is somewhere I really want to visit one of these days. You're rocking those stripes xo

    1. Thanks a million Emma. Bath is really lovely. Definitely go with a group of girlfriends and spend the day in the spa in the rooftop pool. Very "Club Tropicana"!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Annmarie. It's easy when you've good subjects :)