Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Barcelona Street Style...How I love thee (Part 1)

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(Irish colleen)
I had to pluck up alot of courage to ask this girl if I could take her picture. It was my first at the festival and she happened to be Irish! She was a bit bemused but luckily said yes. Her red hat is quite daring I think but works so well and changes the look of her outfit so much. Look at her cute stripey socks!

(Karen O? Spanish)
This stylish lady was working at one of the record store tents. A shirt and a pair of denim shorts - quite simple and something we probably all own but how well put together is this outfit? I love her hair. I've always loved short hair but this bob isn't an easy one to carry off but she does it so well. I can't remember but I think she was Spanish. I know I should've asked her name but I was so nervous asking girls if I could photograph them that I forgot my manners!

(Fellow blogger, Italian)
I had to take this lady's picture a few times as people were (accidentally) walking into the shot. I was convinced she'd get annoyed and leave but she was so sweet and kind and patient. Then I found out she was a fellow blogger. How exciting to meet another blogger at a festival! She runs with three friends. It's really good - check it out if you have time. How gorgeous is her vintage dress?

I just couldn't help myself...I had to take some pictures of the oh so many stylish ladies (and gents) at Primavera Sound.  I honestly have never seen so many cool looking festival goers ever. Normally it's wellies and leggings and lots of layers. Not in Barcelona it isn't. And the amount of cool sunglasses. Everywhere I looked someone caught my eye. Either the Spanish are super fashionable or the festival attracts very stylish people. I was as impressed with the fashion as I was with the music. I think if I hadn't started this blog as a self style diary I would be happy just taking pictures of other people. Actually if there's anyone out there who would pay me (minimum wage is fine) to go around the world and just shoot cool looking people, please get in touch!

Track of the Day:   Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
The record store tent lady above reminded me of the gorgeous Karen O so I am currently listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Ahhhh yeah!

This is the first of a few street style posts from Barcelona. Hope you like them.

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