Friday, 22 June 2012

Barcelona Street Style...(Part 3)

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(Peter Pan Collar)
I think this is my favourite look from the festival. It speaks for itself. So well put together and she looks fantastic.

(Blue sparkle)
I know this isn't a very well captured outfit picture but I thought this top was just gorgeous and love how she's teamed it with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Tres chic. 

Denim shirt and pleated skirt. She's put her own twist on the denim shirt by tying it up at the waist. Lovely.

(Coral toes)
Not a look I would usually be attracted to/wear myself but she caught my eye.  I don't think it's easy wearing stripey skinny trousers!

Very cute outfit and lovely trouser suit. I'm a sucker for navy anyway. Also really like her sandals.


This is my final street style post from Primavera, Barcelona. I've really enjoyed doing these posts and I hope you have too. Off to a wedding this weekend which I'm very excited about as it's a couple we've been friends with for a long long time. There will be lots of drinking (perhaps) but I'm mostly looking forward to the ceremony and the dancing. I plan to dance all night and have purposely not picked very high heels. I hope to do a post on it too (weather permitting). 

Track of the Day:   Shellac - Prayer to God
Shellac played on the last night. They were freakin' awesome! Yes, they play alot of festivals but I'm glad they played my first Primavera and I got to see them. 

It's Friday! So enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing x

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