Thursday, 21 June 2012

Barcelona Street Style...(Part 2)

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(Yellow Umbrella)
This lovely lady was delighted to get her picture taken! She struck loads of poses - I think the umbrella helped. How clever of her to bring her own umbrella for shade. I love how she's thrown the black pearls around her neck and accessorised her dress with the little brown belt.  She was lovely!

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask her if I could take her picture so sorry about all the people in the shot.  I liked her dress - very unusual for a festival I think (and the pose isn't bad either).  It looks like she's watching a fight or something. As you can see, I picked a spot full of people so I hope you can see her dress ok through the crowds!

(Oh so fresh)
I think this lady just looks so cool with her little coloured dress and gorgeous pink runners. 


My second street style post from the (festival) streets of Barcelona. The more I look back at these pictures the more I realise how much thought people had put into their outfits. Lots of dresses, Ray Bans and very few flip flops. I could've taken hundreds of pictures if I hadn't been trying to rush off to see all the bands I wanted to see and drinking beer in the sun with friends. I don't know what you'd call it but I think alot of the shots I took are of people dressed quite "geeky". That's what catches my eye I guess. I'm not really into clothes with lots of colours or patterns on them which you may have noticed but I do like yellow alot. I'm fascinated  by what people wear and could spend days looking at them. I much prefer regular people's style to celebs. When you think about it, us regular people don't get sent expensive clothes or have stylists who make us look good. Fair play to us! 

Track of the Day:   Chairlift - Bruises
Unfortunately I didn't get to see Chairlift at Primavera but I have since fallen in love with this song and her voice. They also played Forbidden Fruit festival in Dublin a few week's ago but we were just back from Barcelona(and broke)so couldn't go. Hopefully they'll come back and play again.

Anyway, thanks for looking x


  1. Definitely love the first streetstyle! The umbrella made the outfit more kooky, which is better.

  2. Thanks Francis! I really loved doing these posts. I much prefer more simple outfits put together by clothes the person actually owns! x