Monday, 23 April 2012

Wonder Years

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Coat - H&M
Shorts - Pull and Bear
Shoes -Penneys
Shirt - Topshop

This was my look for yesterday for shopping with himself.  He did quite well out of H&M and got some great shoes in TK Maxx.
The day began with me being very cold in just the coat and no jumper but by the middle of the day I was sweating.  Ireland I love you but sort out your weather! 
I really like the colours in this shirt although it's going to have to be put away for summer as it's really warm.
I like this coat but you can see the sleeves are too long for me - I have short arms I think. In future I'll roll up the sleeves a bit.

Track of the day:
Real Estate are my new favourite band so this is my track of the day. They are playing Primavera this year and I'm very excited about seeing them while sitting in the Spanish sunshine drinking a beer. This song sounds alot like The Lemonheads I think.

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