Monday, 13 August 2012

Sales Shopping Haul

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Blouses - Zara
Sandals - Penneys
Belt, Silver cuff, Earrings - Penneys
Gold Cuff - Forever 21
Yellow stone necklace - H&M

I've done a bit of sales shopping lately. I had stayed away from them for ages but was looking for some accessories for a very good friend's wedding in Italy and couldn't resist the bargains. So, I thought I'd show you what I've bought.

I've spoken before of my love of Zara. They just have such lovely work clothes (especially their blouses). The first blouse has no sleeves (ugh) but I loved the colour. Going to wear it with black trousers/black skirt. The black skirt is a maxi which I'm going to wear to a BBQ the night before the wedding (I'll be doing a post about my outfits for the holiday too). The sandals are for my khaki maxi dress for the wedding and the jewellery will also be coming to Italy with me.
I don't wear a huge amount of chunky jewellery but now that I'm trying not to spend money on clothes I can spend less and get nice accessories.

I'd say alot of these items are still available in the shops as I only got them about a week ago.


  1. You got some great goodies! I have stayed away from the sales this year as despite my best intentions I get carried away and come home with things like flourescent green velvet trousers. And I wish I was joking!

    1. Ha ha! I don't believe you...more to the point, there's bound to be an occasion which calls for green velvet trousers!

  2. Cheryl, how on earth do you find goodies so late in the sales?? I'm going to send you out there as my personal shopper :-)

    Loving the blog these days, by the way - lots of interesting posts for me to catch up on today!

    1. Yes, I am most definitely available to do personal shopping for you! That would be my dream. Have you been away? xx