Friday, 3 August 2012

Car Song

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Jacket - H&M
Dress - Oasis (Sale)
Shoes - Penneys

I haven't done an outfit post in a long time as I hadn't taken any pictures lately. Normally I try to take pictures every other day but I've just found myself really busy these days. So, I'm glad to be able to do another one now. I saw this dress a while ago in the Oasis sale. I really wasn't sure about it as it's all stripes and sometimes stripes can be very unflattering. But I think the diagonal stripes are actually ok . It's a nice jersey material which means it's very comfortable. AND IT HAS SLEEVES!!! Yay Oasis!  

Sometimes I pair it with a black belt but I don't think you need a belt because of the gathering on the side. You could probably wear alot of different jackets with it too..dress it up with a black blazer or with a leather jacket for something more grungy. I'm wearing red shoes but I might also try black, green or coral.  I'm not sure heels would work but I might make it more casual with a pair of converse at the weekend or if I'm wearing it on holiday.

Track of the Day:   Madder Rose - Car Song

Madder Rose are a band I loved in the 90's. I had just started my first job and had met my boy (still my boy). He introduced me to them and I fell in love (with both). This song reminds me of that summer.(Plus, Mary Lorson plays a mean guitar). 

Hope you've got something nice planned for the long weekend xx


  1. I love this dress! Going to go listen to Madder Rose now:)

    1. Thanks Rosaleen. Ooh, tell me what you think of them :) xx

  2. Love the stripes on you! I am the same I havnt done an outfit post in ages, find it so hard when I'm so busy since I got home!

    1. Thanks hun :) The funny thing is, outfit posts take the least amount of time! Nice to be home?