Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lush 'Charity Pot' of Loveliness

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Everytime I go into Lush I find it so hard to resist not eating some of their lotions and potions. They all smell so gorgeous...especially their freshly made face masks.
They now tell me they have a new range of luxurious hand and body lotions called Charity Pot, where "ALL proceeds (minus the VAT) go to grass root groups working in areas such as conservation, green transport, environmental issues, animal welfare and protection and human rights." 

Charity Pot is made using Fairtrade organic cocoa butter and almond oil and promises to leave skin soft and smooth...hmmm....yum. It's also quite reasonably priced at €8.95 for 95g / €16.85 for 240g. Not only will you be soft, smooth and smelling lovely but you'll also be helping some good causes. 

Have you tried it yet?


  1. Haven't tried this yet but it sounds lovely - I am really impressed with their new make up line and I also love some of the LUSH face masks. Oh and the bath bombs of course!

  2. It's all so lovely! Good enough to eat..