Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ruth's Lookbook

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Jacket - Gap
Jumper - Cos
Jeans - Oasis
Shoes - Clarks

Last week I met my very good friend Ruth in Green 19 for dinner.  We used to work in a print gallery in Temple Bar together many years ago.  We became very good friends over many hot chocolates and remained good friends ever since.  It was Ruth's idea for me to add "Track of the Day" to the blog.  I always look forward to seeing her as she has an amazing sense of style. She always looks perfect and I know it's because she invests in good quality clothes (unlike me who thinks more stuff from Penneys = better). I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures of her outfit on the night. I love the colour of the green jacket against the beige polka dot jumper. Look at her cute burgundy shoes! She makes me want to dress more stylishly! 

Ruth also runs The Craft Lounge - offering fun crafty workshops where you can learn to make lots of lovely things such as soap, luxury cosmetics, soy candles, perfume, screen printing, embroidery and my favourite one - french knicker making. Check her out.

Track of the Day:   Le Tigre - Hot Topic
Ruth and I went to London a few years ago to see Le Tigre. They were awesome but the crowd weren't. Alot of chin scratching and negative commenting going on about the three ladies on stage giving it their all. We enjoyed it though...  

Hope you didn't get soaked yesterday. What's up with this weather?


  1. Hi, thanks for passing by my blog! Nice post! Just to let you know thaht i'm now following you, hope you do the same with us and this it works :)

    XX, Gwen & Seg

    1. Thanks so much. Have joined yours too. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

  2. What a nice post about your friend - Ruth, you look awesome, loving your style! xo

    1. Thanks Emma! I think Ruth should start her own blog :)