Friday, 2 March 2012

Just because I felt like it

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Dress - Topshop
Snood- H&M
Boots - Mango
Jacket - Penneys

I've had this dress from Topshop for years. I got it taken up a few months ago as it was a bit too long. I love getting things altered - you feel like you have a new outfit but your wallet doesn't feel any lighter.

I've had the jacket ages but I tend to only wear it with jeans so decided to try it with a dress and I think it works. It adds a bit of edginess to the outfit maybe?

These boots are lovely with dresses or jeans.  The only problem is they're suede which is hard to look after. But, I wore them the other night and someone spilt a drink on them and they're fine so maybe I'm wrong about suede.



  1. Hi! I really like your different outfits because are very cute, fashion and comfort at the same time! You know how to mix different stores and Was great see you on U.

  2. Hey there, thanks so much for the lovely comment! Glad you like the blog. I tend to have a few shops I always go into. But, I also get bored really quickly so try to mix it up a bit too!
    You should check out the facebook page too for more updates.