Friday, 5 July 2013

Big Sur Part 1

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We were sad to leave Santa Cruz behind us but very much looking forward to making our way down to LA via Big Sur and stopping in Monterey and Carmel by the Sea. Carmel was lovely - reminded me alot of Malahide. Unfortunately we ate some bad fish in Carmel and got pretty bad food poisoning. So, the next day we decided to drive all the way to LA in one day. We had planned to stop along the way and take in all the views but all I wanted was bed! Luckily himself forced me out of the car to take in the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. He had planned to propose somewhere along the way but I was too sick! Maybe we'll go back one day and take our time so we can stop and walk along some of the beautiful beaches. 

Track of the Day:  The Beach Boys - Surfer Girl

Himself couldn't wait to play his surf mix (including this classic)as we made our way to LA.


  1. WOw! This look amazing! I am so jealous. Have fun and enjoy! :)
    Tina from the Style Sinners

  2. Thanks Tina - it was an amazing holiday indeed