Monday, 17 June 2013

Primavera Festival Style

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So, the reason I was in Barcelona was for the Primavera Sound music festival. The festival has none of the following -- camping,(very) young people, mud, rain, smelly toilets, beer queue's, men peeing in public or vomit - it's nothing like festivals at home and is pure bliss. I love the festival not only for the music but the style too. There's nobody in typical festival attire of denim shorts or flowery dresses and wellies. If they're wearing denim shorts they'll be found in brogues and if it's a flowery dress it's probably going to be knee-length and vintage.
I saw 22 bands and didn't spend anytime in a campsite. 

Track of the Day:   The Breeders - Divine Hammer

The Breeders played Last Splash at Primavera. Ah, Kim and Kelly Deal you've still got it. 

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