Tuesday, 7 February 2012

friends are for keeps

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cardigan - Forever 21
snood - New Look
boots - Penneys
bag - Arnotts

I have just had a fantastic weekend with two of my oldest & best friends. I feel happy and revived. These pictures were taken by one of my lovely friends and what a great photographer she is!

It was so much fun having them stay with me because we got to do lots of girlie things (getting ready together, trying on make-up and looking at our clothes to work out what goes with what). I really miss that from living with girls.  

We also did some shopping.  Well, for once they did more shopping than I did! I love going shopping with friends because I get just as much enjoyment out of them buying clothes than if I was buying the clothes (my wallet is much happier too).


  1. I'm starting to really covet your boot collection! :-)

  2. a girl can never have enough shoes ;)